Considerations To Keep In Mind When Planning A Kitchen Remodel

Considerations To Keep In Mind When Planning A Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel can be stressful right from the start. After all, this business is quite expensive and the decisions to be made are endless. However, with a little forethought and planning, the process can begin to feel a lot simpler. To this end, we have presented four considerations for remodeling your kitchen. Keep them in mind to help keep your project as organized as possible.

Have a vision in mind

Although it may seem a little paradoxical, one of the best ways to get great results from your remodeling is to start with the end you are looking for. In this way, you will have a final vision that can serve as a framework throughout the remodeling process. This can help make decision making much easier as choices come up.

To create your vision, your first step should be to look for a design inspiration. Make full use of websites like Freshome in your search. Whatever your personal style, you should be able to find kitchen designs that speak to you and inspire you.

But do not stop there. Also be sure to give your own turn to the drawings. Use them as a starting point from which you can make changes to make your new kitchen as functional and aesthetic as possible.

Ways to Make a Temporary Living Space Feel Like Home

Ways to Make a Temporary Living Space Feel Like Home

Anyone who has moved or built a new home can tell you that the process is anything but transparent. Of course, you may hear the owner of a unicorn that made everything work perfectly, but in most cases, the move can be complicated and messy. There may be a gap between when an old house is sold and the new home is ready, or the completion dates of the construction may be delayed. In these cases, a temporary living space might be the only option. Whether it’s a family move or a short-term lease, it can be difficult to make the impression that your situation is temporary. If you do not stay long, it can be difficult to put yourself at ease. But you do not need to feel like a long-term guest. Make you feel right at home with some great tips.

Choose three devices

Some temporary living spaces are equipped with appliances and some do not. Anyway, you can avoid a lot of headaches by limiting your temporary cooking to three or four of your favorite devices. Choose the most used essentials of your kitchen and limit the number of trips to make when flying in the coop. Some small appliances that you like can also help you feel more comfortable in your temporary living space. You may be able to live without your blender or adapt to someone else’s use, but if your morning coffee is your sanctuary, bring your coffee maker. So, whether in a few weeks or in a few months, you will not be able to do without your favorite cup of coffee, made as you wish.

National Kitchen & Bath Association Kitchen Design Trends

National Kitchen & Bath Association Kitchen Design Trends

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has released its 2019 report on trends in kitchen design. The report coincided with its annual Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show (KBIS), celebrating the best trends in kitchen and bathroom design.

The report and the show reveal the most popular styles and features. They also provide indicators of the trend for the next three years. This includes information gathered from professional designers, resellers, specialists, manufacturers, renovators, general contractors and architects.

Freshome asked Elle H-Millard, a certified kitchen designer and industry relations manager at NKBA, for photos of the designers and ideas on the major trends in American kitchen design.

The most popular kitchen design styles

“Transitional kitchens dominated kitchen design and 65% of those surveyed said they were the most preferred kitchen style,” says H-Millard. “This makes them more than twice as popular as traditional, contemporary or farmhouse cooking styles.” She hopes that transition kitchens will remain popular for a while.

H-Millard explained that in terms of the size of the islands, the medium and large islands were tied for first place. “Small and very small islands are not popular, and having no island at all does not seem to be an option, garnering only 2% of the vote.” second choice, U-shaped layouts.